CNA and RN
Improvement Projects

Eastern Maine Medical Center nurses are continually working to improve the quality of patient care and the workplace environment to ensure a culture of quality. 

Quality improvement projects currently underway include:
  • Hand Hygiene: An Educational Program to Improve Practices
  • Teach-Back: Will Education of a Teach-Back Tool to Registered Nurses Increase Their Willingness to Implement the Tool?
  • Sideboards: A Multi-Pronged Educational Approach to Increase Usage
  • Hourly Rounding in Conjunction with Bed Alarms on the Night Shift: Do Fall Rates Decrease?
  • Fall Prevention: Are Wristbands an Effective Strategy?  
  • Music Therapy: Do Nurses know the Benefits in Post-Operative Patients?
  • Bedside Reporting: Are we Consistent and Does it Increase Nurse Satisfaction when Compared to Phone Call Reporting?
  • Revisiting Pain Control of Oncological patients. What Do Nurses Know and Practice?
  • Code Status: What are the Methods of Notification and What do RNs prefer?
  • Implementing a New Fall Scale: Does using the Morse Fall Scale Result in Fewer Falls When Compared to the Conley Fall Scale?
  • Locked Medication Bedside Storage Units: Does Their Use Improve Registered Nurse Satisfaction?
  • Will education of Progressive Mobility Protocols Increase their Usage?
  • Revisiting Fall Prevention through Education to Reduce Patient Fall Rates
  • Patient Hand-Off Tool between the ED and ICU: Perceptions of Current Practices that Lead to a Hand-Off Tool
  • Revisiting 4-Eyed Skin Assessments: Improving Staff Education
  • Can Better Education about the Patient Search Policy Improve Perceptions of Nurse Safety?
  • Hourly Rounding on the Night Shift: Does it Prevent Falls and Increase Staff Satisfaction?
  • Teaching Workplace Incivility Educational Strategies to New Graduate Nurses: Is this Helpful?