Each year, Eastern Maine Medical Center proudly recognizes one nurse with the annual Nurse Excellence Award. The award is a public commendation given to a staff nurse who demonstrates clinical excellence, commitment to the organization, and continued professional development. More important to the honoree, however, is that this special recognition is from their peers.

2018 Nurse Excellence Award Recipient

Lisa Buzzell, BSN, RN, staff nurse, Intensive Care Unit, is the 2018 recipient of the Nurse Excellence Award. Lisa exhibits caring behaviors during each interaction with her peers, patients, staff, and family members, who often comment about how Lisa advocates for her patients while radiating a calming spirit. Lisa says, “I love my job. But more than that, I love the heart and soul of the people I work with.” Lisa’s professional experience along with her commitment and compassion for nursing translates into remarkable care for our patients.

Also honored were:

Rising Star Award - Lisa-Wong, RNRising Star Award Recipient:

Lisa Wong, RN, staff nurse, Pavilion 6 Cardiac

Excellence in Transformational Leadership - Samantha-Foss, RNExcellence in Transformational Leadership Award Recipient:

Samantha Foss, RN, nurse manager, Supplemental Staffing

Excellence in Clinical Quality Research Award - Jason-FonsecaExcellence in Clinical/Quality Research Award Recipient:

Jason Fonseca, RN, staff nurse, Critical Care Transport

Excellence in Commitment to Direct Patient Care Award - Elizabeth-Fraser, RNExcellence in Commitment to Direct Patient Care Award Recipient:

Elizabeth Fraser, RN, staff nurse, Pavilion 6 Cardiac

SUNSHINE Award - Moriah Robinson, CNASUNSHINE Award Recipient:

Moriah Robinson, CNA, nursing tech, unit secretary, Surgical M3

2017 Nurse Excellence Award Recipient

Randy MacDonald, BSN, RN, staff nurse, Emergency Department, is the 2017 recipient of the Nurse Excellence Award. Randy joined Eastern Maine Medical Center as a new graduate from nursing school in July 2001. Fresh out of school, he joined the Emergency Department and has been a valuable part of the team ever since. Randy is a role model for other nurses and is actively involved in several partnerships for our future nurses.

Recently Randy has taken on the role of relief charge nurse, and he has excelled in this role. He is also involved in many of the department’s changes and projects. Congratulations to Randy for this special recognition!


2017 Excellence in Commitment to Direct Patient Care Award Recipient

Nancy San Antonio, BSN, RN, breast patient nurse navigator, EMMC Breast Surgical Specialists

Nancy shared her thoughts upon learning that she was named the recipient of this award:

"I was thrilled to receive the 2017 Nursing Excellence award in Commitment to Direct Patient Care! Particularly, when there are so many exceptional, deserving Nurses at EMMC.

I love my role as the Breast Patient Nurse Navigator, it suits me perfectly. I have been a nurse at EMMC since 1995 and joined the Breast & Osteoporosis Center in 2005 as a Nurse Educator. I have been fortunate to be placed in a position where I have been encouraged to grow and develop my skills to meet the needs of our patients at EMMC.

I received my Certification as a Breast Care Nurse through the Oncology Nursing Society, along with two of my colleagues as part of the very first group in the country to achieve this distinction. I was asked to develop the role of Breast Patient Nurse Navigator for our Breast Program in 2012 after receiving my Certification as a Breast Nurse Navigator in both breast imaging and breast cancer through the National Consortium of Breast Centers.  

I have had the opportunity to utilize the resources available through EMMC to impact the lives of many for better outcomes and support as they traverse the complexities of care. Keeping the "Patient First" motto of EMMC has been key to my role. I assist many as they are facing their fears of breast cancer. I support and educate patients and their referring providers to navigate the complex system of care and act as a liaison between our Imaging and Surgical teams that make up the EMMC Comprehensive Breast Program."

- Nancy San Antonio, RN, BSN, CBCN, CN-BN

Past recipients of the nurse excellence award:

  • 2016 - Danielle Lawson, BSN, RN-BC, charge nurse, Merritt 3 Surgical
  • 2015 - Angel Francini, RN, EMMC Cancer Care
  • 2014 - Bond Blake, RN-BC, Grant 6 Respiratory.
  • 2013 - Karen Bushey, BSN, OCN, CNE, Grant 6 East Oncology
  • 2012 - Adam Simmons, CRRN, evening charge nurse of The Maine Rehabilitation Center
  • 2011 - Pamela Bruschi, RNC, BSN, Grant 6 Respiratory
  • 2010 - Becky Caron, RN, Grant 6 East
  • 2009 - Karen Bailey, BSN, RN, Emergency Department
  • 2008 - Kathy Pushor, RN, Coronary Care Unit
  • 2007 - Danny Edwards, BSN, RN, Medical Imaging
  • 2006 - Rena Toomey, BSN, RN, Outpatient Observation Unit
  • 2005 - Pattie Dixon, BSN, RN, Cardiac Telemetry
  • 2004 - Melissa Day, BSN, RN, Grant 6
  • 2003 - Joanne Nevells, RN, Merritt 3 Surgical
  • 2002 - Rebecca Bell, BSPA, RN, Community Wellness
  • 2001 - Linda Kelly, CCRN, RN, Coronary Care Unit / Cardiac Surgical Unit
  • 2000 - Linda Perkins, RNC, RN, Grant 6 West
  • 1999 - Sue Thibert, Grant 4 Cardiac
  • 1998 - Theresa Hainer, RN, Diabetes, Endocrine, and Nutrition Center
  • 1997 - Kathy Glifort, RN, Outpatient Observation Unit
  • 1996 - Catherine Moores, RN, Pedicatric Oncology
  • 1995 - Leon Binnette, RN, Intensive Care Unit
  • 1994 - Karen Beauchamp Miller, RN, Oncology
  • 1993 - Brenda Homstead, RN, Grant 4 Cardiac
  • 1992 - Carol Tymesom, RN, Pediatrics
  • 1991 - Lorraine Rodgerson, RN, Grant 6
  • 1990 - Jane Otis, RN, Grant 5
  • 1989 - Ray Mosher-Buyno, RN, Intensive Care Unit