nursing staff
Staffing plans at Eastern Maine Medical Center are based on a broad set of criteria recognized nationally to be important variables in optimum nursing care. Staffing on individual units is planned by nurse managers with input from staff and consideration for the acuity of the patients on the unit, anticipated admission and discharge activity, and the skills and experience of individual nurses. In addition, our nurse staffing model includes nursing technicians to assist nurses with their assignments and the care of their patients, creating care teams. Staffing flexes depending on the patient volume on nursing units and any concerns individual nurses may have concerning assignments are expected to be reviewed and addressed immediately.

Along with our full time staff, we currently have resource nurses available on all of our adult med-surgical speciality units. A resource nurse is an extra nurse available in the case that acuity or volume increases.

We have created additional flexibility by developing a supplemental staffing team of nurses who are assigned to different units each day based on the needs of our patients. This team allows us to more rapidly flex staff as patient volume and acuity change.