The Nurse Residency Program at Eastern Maine Medical Center is an evidence-based, 12-month program aimed at assisting new graduate nurses in the transition from academics to practice. EMMC partners with the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™, which operates at more than 350 healthcare organizations nationwide. Since its establishment in 2002 through 2017, more than 72,000 new graduate nurses have participated in the program. Notably, The Institute of Medicine recently published The Future of Nursing report identifying actionable measures that will transform the nursing profession – specifically highlighting the importance of nurse residency programs for nurses entering the transition-to-practice. To date (2017), the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program has reduced turnover rates among first-year nurses achieving an average retention rate of 95%, exceeding the national average of 75%.
At the end of the program, nurse residents will:
  • Make the transition from advanced beginner to competent professional nurse in the clinical setting
  • Develop effective clinical decision-making skills
  • Provide clinical nursing leadership at the point of care
  • Strengthen their commitment to nursing as a profession
  • Incorporate evidence-based outcomes into clinical practice


Eastern Maine Medical Center is committed to helping newly graduated nurses succeed in their careers. All nurses hired with less than one year of nursing experience will participate in our Nurse Residency Program. Graduate nurses see a varied patient population and are supported by experienced career nurses and educators, allowing them to develop the skills needed to advance their career.


Graduate nurses often begin on Med/Surg units. They receive an extensive unit-specific orientation that is individually tailored – and only complete  when the nurse, preceptor, and nurse manager feel the nurse is ready. This provides the foundation new nurses will need to expand their capabilities in the future.
Our basic orientation lasts six weeks. After that, graduate nurses work with their preceptors to identify areas where they need additional practice and develop a set of goals that need to be met for their orientation to be complete.
Graduate nurses are encouraged to share their career goals with nursing leadership who can help them grow and find work in their desired clinical area.



The Nurse Residency Program consists of a four-hour workshop once a month, an evidence-based practice project, and additional simulation sessions throughout the year at the Husson University Simulation Lab. The monthly workshops include a seminar topic focused around one of three program components: Leadership, Patient Outcomes, and Professional Role. The nurse residency is not a unit or specialty-based orientation program. It is a general education program that supplements your clinical training, focused on developing you in your role as a professional nurse and member of the inter-professional healthcare team.  

Workshops also include facilitated small group discussion and debriefing. This allows residents an opportunity to discuss the clinical application of the seminar topic as it relates to their own experiences to gain support, insight, and confidence in practice. 

Workshops are mandatory for all new graduates and are scheduled in addition to weekly clinical shifts. Topics covered in the workshops are listed below and are subject to change:

  • Stress Management and Self-Care
  • Patient Care Coordination/Patient Care Delivery/Resource Management and Delegation
  • Fall Prevention/Infection Prevention and Control
  • Medication Administration/Pain Management
  • Management of the Changing Patient Condition
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Conflict Resolution/Stress Management and Self-Care (re-visited)
  • Skin Integrity and Wound Management
  • End of Life Care and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Cultural Competence/Patient and Family Teaching
  • Professional Development/Goal Setting
  • Presentation of Final Projects and Graduation


Eastern Maine Medical Center offers two paths to start their residency journey, the Pre-NCLEX Nursing Student New Graduate position, and a Post-NCLEX for those who have already attempted the exam.
For both Pre and Post NCLEX we are accepting applications year round, with larger hiring events each Fall and Spring. New Hires will enter into the next available residency cohort, following their successful completion of the NCLEX Exam & EMMC Clinical Orientation. Job offers to New Graduates are made conditional upon completion of their school program.
Pre-NCLEX: Nursing Student New Graduate(NSNG): In accordance with Maine’s Board of Nursing, EMMC welcomes recent nursing graduates, from accredited schools of nursing, to begin their training once an Authorization to Test has been confirmed. New Gradates entering this program work full time, while studying for their NCLEX. This gives our NSNGs an amazing opportunity to begin their orientation with EMMC, and earn a paycheck shortly after graduation!
Post-NCLEX: With a rolling on-boarding process, you have the flexibility to take the NCLEX when you are comfortable, with the advanced knowledge of deadlines you’ll need to meet in order to enter the next available residency cohort. Our post NCLEX new graduates do NOT need to wait until the start of the next residency program to start working as a nurse, once we are able to verify your RN License through primary source verification, a start date will be established!
Contact our Talent Acquisition team at (207) 973-7100 for more details about new graduate nurse opportunities to discover which path is a best fit for you!